About Us

      Granite Energy Corp is based in Grande Prairie, Alberta and has been in business since 1996. We offer a wide variety of civil and oilfield related services in the northern Alberta and British Columbia regions. Such services include 24-hour hotshot, trucking, equipment hauling, Frac mobilization and picker services. We are also pleased to have recently expanded our services and added a fluid division.

      Granite Energy has the experience, resources, and personnel required to serve a broad range of oilfield related needs. Whatever may be needed on site – from pipes and pumps, to sand and gravel, to rig mats and drilling accessories – we can haul it.  Equipment and personnel can be delivered every day of the year

      Our services are built on a foundation of safety-conscious, result-driven working attitudes. We hope to continue the growth we have been fortunate to sustain over the last 20 years, and in order to accomplish this we shall maintain an unwavering commitment to these values in all ventures.

      Granite Energy is COR certified through the Alberta Construction Safety Association, part of the Partnerships in Injury Reduction Program, and is a member of the Complyworks and ISNetworld safety compliance systems. We have coverage through the Alberta Worker’s Compensation Board as well as WorkSafeBC.


It is the ambition of Granite Energy Corp. to become recognized as industry leaders in safety and environmental policies in energy enterprises. With this being the foundational priority of our company, we seek to maintain and grow our already established reputation as an efficient, reliable and progressive resource-oriented company.


Granite Energy Corp. is constitutionally committed to its values and resources. We understand that our reputation and our success ultimately depend on these assets, and it is with this motivation that we make the following promises:

  • To first and foremost protect each and every employee by professionally maintaining an industry leading safety program, by observing rigorous training protocol, and by consistently engaging all employees in our safety program
  • To safeguard the community, the people that constitute it, and the environment by assuring strict adherence to governmentally mandated environmental practices and accountability
  • To engender a working attitude built on our fundamental principles of responsiveness, reliability, and results 
  • To engage in our business practices in honest and good faith, and as guided by a sustainable business model
  • To exhibit our advanced, yet continually expanding industry experience, by constantly improving our work practices and by incorporating new technological and practical innovations